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Well, this is exciting.

We've been working on this podcast for so long, and it's about to launch. Will we be able to deal?

And will you be able to deal with us?

Dara and I have been meeting (mostly weekly) for over a year. Trying to figure out how to podcast. Talking about all things confounding--and finding (or trying to find) ways to deal more effectively. Usually huddling in Dara's podcast studio (a basement spare bedroom). Sometimes at our spot in a haunted local pub. Consistently drinking white wine. Always laughing tons and leaving lighter than when we arrived.

The sound of struggle

Perhaps the biggest hurdle in creating our podcast--besides sound quality, still a work in progress, is our ability to tolerate the sounds of our own voices without hurling. That was incredibly hard to deal with. Still is. No one will ever convince me that I don't sound like hungover Mickey Mouse. Dara's voice is perfect. She hates it.

Give us a listen

If you would invest a tight 20 and indulge us with a listen and any thoughts you have on our intro episode, we would go insane with appreciation. Which might make for more entertaining future episodes. Win-win.


We hope you enjoy the podcast. And because we've always wanted to say this, we'll end by encouraging you to smash that subscribe button, fam!

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