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  • How Do We Deal?!

Season 2. We're back, bae-bae! With gusto and guestperts.

Just a heads up. We're back and wicked psyched about it.

Our first episode of our second season looks forward, posing some of the questions and quandaries we have in mind for our guestperts.

That's right! While we indulged our own damn selves in thoughtful yet irreverent conversation in Season 1, about how we deal with big and small issues, we've embraced a different format for Season 2. We're branching out and looking to friends and acquaintances, who have experiences and expertise different from our own. Get ready for tons of new insights into how to deal.

"How Do We Deal?!" season 2 guestperts (not in any particular order) include:

Monica: our dear hometown, childhood friend who has defied the odds and battled metastatic breast cancer (MBC) for almost a decade, during which time she became a mother and advocate for much-needed MBC research and funding

Mark Winton: criminologist and professor with a unique perspective bridging studies of sex crimes and genocide, helping us better understand the common roots all violent crime and the key to reducing it

Michael: super jacked, spooky-tatted lawyer and former special forces military officer who gives a very refreshing and balanced take on gun laws, reproductive rights and the confounding situation we face with the current Supreme Court

Nicole and Suzanne: BFF duo from Long Island--Nicole is a childhood friend of ours--dealing with the loss of their husbands, one a widow who lost her husband to a sudden health event and one whose spouse was lost to addiction... both of whom are now parenting alone (but together)

Ebony Travis: our guru of unstoppable positivity and rigorous self-care, who worked with Dara and, like Dara, grew up brown in a white world while shining brighter than any star in the Texas sky--as seen in her uplifting engagements with huge audiences online and off

Bernard Grant, Ph.D.: a neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, dyscalculic), raceless, non-binary friend who inspires us to think bigger and bolder about who we are, what we expect (or not) from others, and how we think about our place in the world

Kisha Fuller: physical trainer and our fitness icon, again from our hometown, who chased her dream in NYC and from there achieved incredible success by following her passion and lifting her clients up by meeting them where they are

Amanda Zorzi: creator of our podcast's theme song, a millennial and super talented musician with a following on Spotify who inspires us with her soulful songs, gorgeous voice and generous spirit--she's been a music therapist, advocates for neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace for a living, and fosters adoptable dogs

Erica Lee: world-renowned psychic medium to whom Dara has turned for readings and insights, willing to engage in open discussion--regarding our questions about the afterlife, the nature of the spirit or soul, and Amber's skepticism

Greg: Boomer, veteran, car guy, father of three daughters including Amber, and charismatic force whose upward trajectory in life went hand in hand with a philosophy of giving others a leg up

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