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Gen X parenting conundrums.

We learned to type on typewriters--when we close our eyes, can still hear the clackety-clacks.

We drank from hoses--in fact, we were the original hose influencers.

We played in the woods all day--without a care in the world, and certainly not a thought to ticks.

We stayed out until the streetlights came on--or until we heard mom's two-finger whistle.

The world is different for kids and parents today. It's true for every generation, but perhaps even more so for Generation X due in large part to to all-encompassing technology. The switch to an online world.

The lack of independence for kids today stands in stark comparison to our youth. Threats seem to loom everywhere, in more sinister yet overt ways. Online predators to BPA to ticks.

Is the world really less safe for our kids? Dara and her friends were once approached by the classic man in a van. Pre-*69, I received sexually harrassing phone calls from a mystery man with a fake cowboy accent. It certainly wasn't a utopia. Though paying for a Dominoes Pizza with a large Ziploc of scrounged nickels was a high I'll always remember (shout-out to Dorothy).

As parents of Gen Z and Alpha kids, we are inundated with so many concerns, fueled in part by 24/7 media online and off, that apparently didn't exist for our Boomer parents. Parenting is now a verb and the center of our existence instead of just a part.

How do we deal?! By doing the best we can. By talking it through. When possible, by laughing. Give the episode a listen and let us know how you deal--we plan to start sharing follow-ups in future episodes. Thank you for your support!


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