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A quick google search on "anxiety" brought up news about tech use damaging mental health, environmental crisis weighing heavily on young people, and moving forward after job loss. Yeah, rates of anxiety are rising because of course they are.

So for episode 6, we decided to dive in and talk about how anxiety has affected our lives. For Dara, it can show up as anger--almost a defense mechanism. Growing up as a brown girl in a white town, she didn't even have the luxury to pause and consider anxiety as such a constant in her life--she had to keep moving forward and push through. Much of her energy went into "chameleon mode."

As for me, I had to stop letting anxiety rule my life when I became a mother. I knew my daughter needed me to be present, and in tune with her. I couldn't be a good parent while operating in the chokehold of anxiety. I had to confront it, treat it, and learn to manage it. Getting diagnosed with ADHD helped reveal some of the roots of my anxiety. It's been a journey!

We hope you'll listen, and send us your thoughts.

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