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Dara was carded recently, and playfully but incredulously accused of using a fake ID. "No one pretends to be 44," she replied.

My translucent face is melting like a candle, but Dara's brown face is not. That said, despite seeming invincible, she's not immune to the effects of aging. As you'll hear in our latest podcast episode, this prolific athlete was taken down last Christmas by the mere act of reaching for a pie plate.

Aging itself isn't confounding but the way we fight it sure is. I've spent a lot of money on skin treatments that did absolutely nothing for me, which was fitting. The lack of results highlighted the futility of trying to win against time and gravity. I'm just having a hard time accepting the baggage under my eyes, despite knowing and wanting better than to worry about it.

My beautiful mother died of cancer at the age of 66 and if that didn't put things in perspective, what will?

What could women do with the time and money we throw at trying to look younger?

Who will win the "gray off" that Dara and I have challenged each other to?

How do you handle aging? Have a listen to the episode and reach out to us! Maybe you can help us deal.

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