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The podcast is live.

YO. We just dropped our introductory episode. Which is a huge milestone for us!

We use Spreaker to record and publish the "How Do We Deal" podcast. And because we all need some drama in our lives, every time you create an episode, Spreaker presents you with two massive, circular buttons. One is gray, and allows you to record offline for publishing later. One is bright red, for going live. This always makes us laugh, much harder than it should. We're always tempted to GO LIVE. Fake fearful, and pretending to be absolutely psyched out of our minds, we always act like we are about to go live. To absolutely no one.

Well, today, "How Do We Deal" with Dara and Amber went live--in a way. Our introduction, or trailer, is out there for the world to maybe discover. We hope you listen, and we hope it helps you deal. Even just a little.

Here's where to listen:

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