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Part podcast, part village

Life is tough--but also ridiculous and miraculous


We're all struggling with the unbearable weight of issues that society just can't seem to solve--while finding missing socks, making infinity dinners, and replying to work emails. So how do we deal? With eye-opening episodes featuring colorful and transparent commentary from hosts Dara and Amber, and helpful insights from occasional guestperts.​

Special thanks to Amanda Zorzi for our music.

About Us

About Us


Mom, professional, frequent concert-goer. Dara's perspective has been shaped by her experiences growing up as a brown girl in a white world. This is also a woman who was told in college that she was incapable of learning Spanish--so she decided to major in it, and later teach it. Listening to music helps her deal.


Mom, self-employed writer, ADHD-er. As a neurodivergent parent of a neurodivergent child, Amber's perspective is defined by an appreciation for neurodiversity and intolerance of synthetic fabrics. She helps coach her nephew's basketball team. Baking helps her deal.



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